How to Succeed at Project Governance

Why can't IT organizations figure out how to avoid the high project-failure rate experienced by so many companies? You would think that with all the project portfolio management (PPM) solutions available today, companies would be able to successfully deliver projects on time, within budgeted cost, and achieve the desired business results. Peter Weill has been studying project governance for years. Weill is Chairman of the Center for Information Systems Research and Senior Research Scientist at MIT's Sloan School of Management. In his epic MIS Quarterly Journal article in March 2004, "Don't Just Lead, Govern: How Top Performing Firms Govern IT," he said IT organizations with good governance practices have "up to a 40 percent greater return than their competitors for the Continue reading

5 Tips for Keeping IT Projects on Track

After more than 20 years managing IT projects at global enterprises, I have seen and experienced many situations. I’ve celebrated many successes and also faced many challenges. Some of these experiences have served as good examples of what works and what doesn’t in IT project management. Now I am putting these lessons to work in my current role as chief technology risk officer at GE Capital. My job includes oversight of our IT investments, making sure our largest-scale IT projects stay on track and remain strategic to our business. Based on this broad set of experience, here are five key lessons that have proven particularly useful: Consistency is critical. The most useful project management advice you are ever going to Continue reading

9 Secrets to Project Management Success

Project management seems so straightforward. You set a deadline. You set a budget. You select the right people. The project gets done. In reality, project management is rarely straightforward. The wrong people are assigned to the project. People don't know what is expected of them or get conflicting information. The scope changes. Deadlines aren't met. Put more succinctly: Stuff happens. [ 13 Tips for Keeping IT Projects Under Control ] So what can businesses, and project managers, do to improve the odds of projects being completed on time and on budget? Dozens of project leaders and project management experts share nine secrets to successful project management. [ 7 Top Wishes of IT Project Managers ] 1. Ensure that you have Continue reading